Spiritual Healing

i am a conscious multi dimensional being who came to earth to help people awaken consciousness

I receive information via downloads with Source. I communicate with the spirit world through a number of beings be it God/Goddess energy, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestors, past self, future self, higher self, multidimensional interconnecting (beings from other dimensions and/or planets). I see and communicate with spirit via telepathy, my naked eyes as well […]

Sexual Healing

nobody taught you about your own power

“Why not Pornstar or BDSM?” I am regularly asked. Well, it is very simple. Fantasy porn does not arouse me, I do not watch it let alone pay for it. Why would I offer and charge for a service that does not arouse me and is not a genuine reflection of the stage I am […]

Spiritual Awakening


I have been on a journey of spiritual awakening. Combining spirituality, my sexuality has evolved and expanded to a space of Sexual and Spiritual Healing; Sacred Healing. I have had to learn how to harness such potent energy, it is healing energy after all. As I have learnt how to heal myself, it has given […]