Black and white erotic and sensual blonde beauty fingering herself although not explicit the image is more suggestive

Anyone can pretend and put on a show. It takes courage to learn how to be ourselves and present this to the world. Nobody else can be in this role; it is unique and designed for us individually, yet simultaneously and interconnectedly serves our collective. I will not waste both of our time selling you like a cliché. I AM not interested in pretending. My sense of self and sexuality in light and dark are so strong. People are enthralled or intimidated by my presence. I have learnt to humbly accept this and not react to people with noxious intentions, wishing them well anyway. I do not pretend to be something else to appease comfort zones. I see past facades; I see straight into your soul. I AM a Brisbane-based Escort with expertise in Sexual and Spiritual Healing. I AM a Light Worker and a Shadow Healer. These are some of my karmically inherited gifts.

 “Your imperfections are marks of authenticity, and that is the beauty of you” Isaac Fowler

I AM a powerful presence and energy. I AM kind and openhearted with an empathetic approach to life and all living beings and also give tough love when needed. I listen intently and care deeply about your wants and needs. I AM a creative & passionate soul who conjures through my wild sexual energy and erotic sensual nature at will. Wild liberated women should never be tamed nor have our free spirits curtailed. I create through my heart space. Yes, it is fierce and strong yet gentle and delicate. With dualism as my guide in many gracious forms, I AM learning how to balance neutrality and feel comfortable sharing my vulnerability with the world. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. It took me 40 years to surrender to this truth. My egohead and inner child kicked and screamed along the way.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” Mark Anthony

 Yin/Yang, Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine, Light/Dark, Shakti/Shiva, Dualism/Nondualism/Ardhanarishvara


“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” Lao Tzu

Genuine exchange and intimate connections are important to me. I love sharing ourselves. There is something quite enchanting about connecting with somebody we have never met, yet the instant magnetic pull towards each other feels deeply familiar. Because we already know. A sense of time momentarily gifted, creating space for our energies to collide to remember.


Hello, again Kindred Spirit. I AM grateful to reconnect with you again on this physical plane.


That is what it is about; interdependence, interconnectedness and belonging. Something we all deserve to feel. We are all meant to know more, feel more, live more and LOVE more. We all have the potential to expand our awareness, connecting with Source, with our ‘Self’. Sexual/Sensual energy is potent, creative, electrifying, healing and life-affirming. The entry is our body and sexual energy is the flow that transcends the physical to the spiritual. We are beings having a human experience. May our energies meet in this space and merge as one for us to explore its healing potential.


Standing at 170cm I AM considered average height. I AM a natural beauty. My figure is a natural womanly petite athletic size 8/10 frame with natural 10C/D breasts; my imagery reflects such weight fluctuation. I walk, hike and do yoga. I have a thin waist complimenting my natural heart-shaped ASSet, hypnotic hazel eyes, impeccable natural bone structure and skin, with luscious natural yummy lips made for all kinds of things. At 41, I AM ageing well, loving and caring for myself from the inside out. I AM currently very fit, lean and toned eating primarily organic and vegetarian although I do eat meat occasionally.


Current measurements:

Bust 34″ Waist 26″ Hips 36″


With a splish of hippy and a splash of elegance yet a 90’s chick at heart, I AM just a down-to-earth Woman from Down Under who lives to love and loves to live within the constant realms of Divine Grace, creative flux, and expanding consciousness. I AM a dag and a nerd, I choose comfort over all the fancy and pretentious but I did grow up around money so do know how to hold myself when I choose, but I AM also a rebel and enjoy using my middle finger. I gave up the fast pace materialistic consumerism city lifestyle years ago. I still appreciate the finer things in life but am no longer driven by the attachment of anything material being remotely close to my worth or making me happy because it has the opposite effect anyway. My spiritual journey has taught and enabled a level of non-attachment to the material world, yet I still know how to appreciate and enjoy it. I have learnt how to manifest the material with gratitude and clear intent along the way.


Connected to my inner child, like Peter Pan there are elements of my being who will never grow up. However, I AM also a wise, empathetic, affectionate, insightful, intuitive and emotionally intelligent woman deeply connected to my erotic sexuality and sensuality. Yet these go hand in hand with my spirituality and have taken me a long time to reconcile. We learn the two do not coexist in harmony with each other. We learn conflict with the light and dark of our existence; I have learnt otherwise. I also have masculine energy in overabundance and have had to learn a new strength in Divine Feminine vulnerability. Learning balance and allowing Divine Feminine to fully flow in harmony with Sacred Masculine at a soul level, rather than operating from their wounded shadow sides. As a phoenix perishes in flames to be reborn, I have been gifted many rebirths from ashes and never see the same again. Evolve; expand and contract, and so the cycle continues.


As a creative, I not only create from my heart space, I listen to earthly and galactic symphonies and also create from my soul. I AM gifted in many facets; I have professionally modelled erotica, fetish, BDSM & fine art/artistic nude. I have a background in university/corporate business management and professional writing; studying professional/creative writing. I write poetry and sometimes translate it into songs. One of my greatest passions is singing. I have an interest in HZ sound frequency for healing and sacred language. I AM classically trained in flute and piccolo. I play the piano by ear and would like to start classical lessons integrating musical theory into my life again. I have a natural flair for photography, digital editing and design. I AM also an amazing cook and intuitively create from scratch. I would best describe my style of cooking as flavour bombing. I AM very versatile and authentic with several cuisines and rarely use recipes. I love cooking for/with people. If you are visiting me in Brisbane, it would be my pleasure to cook with you.


Everything I do in life is instinctual. I trust my intuition more than I trust people’s actions and words. Intentions mean a lot to me and I will see yours very clearly. I do not play games; I consciously yet lovingly hold space for people operating in this state but create space for myself. Like attracts like, I believe our external mirrors our internal. Whilst I no longer judge nor condemn I have learnt the art of discernment and deciphering hidden meanings.


No decisions or moves are made in my life without guidance from the Sacred/Divine Spiritual Realm in many forms (Source/Consciousness). I have experienced my Kundalini Awakening, my Third Eye is open, and I AM actively programming my Merkaba. My purpose for living is to go through the steps to remember and complete the four pillars of reality/process, offering all I remember with consciousness as my guide. Intrinsically entwined with Astrology, Numerology, Mythology, the Ancient, the Galactic and Multi-Dimensions, I Become. I AM a wise soul, authentically and unapologetically me. I march to my beat and choose tracks less travelled, sometimes creating new ones. Not a follower and do not allow people to dictate my life. I AM incredibly strong-willed; my shadow side has a reputation for being exceedingly rebellious, outspoken and arrogant and I have learnt to come to terms with that. At the end of the day, it isn’t anybody else’s business who I AM anyway. I have spent many years shadow healing so how I connect with my shadow has changed although we all have wounds that come up for healing and there is no exception here. I AM learning how to love and nurture even the parts of me that I once believed were unlovable. We are all perfectly imperfect. We are all here to heal, learn, grow and evolve.


Far from make-believe; I AM so real and I was born this way. I AM uniquely, unapologetically and unforgettably me. I AM enough as I AM, as are we all.


My holistic healing journey is my priority. I honour and support my commitment to I AM. If it is in my highest good, I know it is in everyone’s highest good. If it is not in my highest good, I know it could not possibly be in the highest good for anyone. Although incredibly hygienic and groomed (and request you are too), I choose to remain hairy although not overly hairy anywhere on my body anyway. My body reflects the gift of creating life being a mother and I AM more than comfortable in my skin. I embrace myself as the perfectly imperfect ‘human’ being I AM.

If you are looking for the ‘perfect’ polished glamour, focus primarily on the outward appearance, are into false pretence or the fake porn star vibe we are not a fit. I will not enjoy my time and you will waste your money. I won’t even pretend about that. Makeup is kept to a minimum (if at all) unless on a dinner date, fancy outing or get-together. If makeup is a desire please specifically request it. My preference in life is au naturel (in the natural state).

I also have a holistic healing business and study Counselling should you feel called to discuss further although please be aware these are not sexual services.


My services are available by appointment only. Morning is dedicated to I AM.

I choose a low-volume approach and consciously prefer exclusive ongoing arrangements.

My rates are reintroduction pricing and will incrementally increase so don’t sit around waiting for the pricing to drop because that will never happen. Preference and priority are given to exclusive lovers, return lovers and longer bookings. It is my choice with who I graciously share my energy, body, mind, spirit, heart, soul, space and time.

Screening and deposits are essential

Fetish bookings are very selective and not offered to new clientele

I do not offer BDSM or Fantasy Porn

I do not offer party bookings. I do not offer bookings to party boys. I do not party.
Based 8km from Brisbane City, 8km from Brisbane Airport & 4km from Fortitude Valley, I AM blessed with a beautiful penthouse bathed in an intimate ambience of warmth and love with gorgeous 12-foot ceilings that provide a sense of spacious openness rarely experienced in a secure Brisbane apartment. Proximity to trains, buses, link tunnels and bypasses. I AM mindful, respectful, private and discrete therefore request you are too. Parking is available for short-term and long-term rendezvous.
Double vaccinated if that means something to you.

As the mandatory vaccination hocus-pocus is no longer relevant, you do not need to be vaccinated to request time with me. I do not discriminate against the unvaccinated so that’s something to be mindful of if you do.
Disabilities are welcome. If you have difficulties reading and writing, please let me know and I will facilitate another way for us.
Grateful you have taken the time to connect. You have been guided here for a reason. That is the beautiful thing about kindred connections; it is in Divine timing. I have learnt Divine timing is perfect timing, and even better than any timing we try to control or dictate on our own accord.
If you are curious to read and learn more about my journey, please check out my BLOGS
 ~ Be to Be ~
With Gratitude and Love
Bella Noirette Lumière
Brisbane-based Sexual and Spiritual Healing Escort
Other locations are also available;
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast
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FMTY Interstate and International bookings are available

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