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I have a screening process not up for negotiation

By appointment only

Depending on the service requested, a minimum of 25% non-refundable deposit


If you request a reschedule 48 beforehand, I will honour once. On the rare possibility I cancel you have the option of rescheduling or a full refund.


Photo of drivers license (front and back) and a selfie holding photo side of ID for both incall & outcall booking requests is required for clearance into my discrete company account before securing your booking request.


Outcalls: All of the above plus proof of 5-star hotel reservation in your name. The name and address obviously must match the selfie of you holding your photo ID. Please advise me if the 5-star hotel you are staying at has a process for guest registration before my arrival, ensuring our time together runs smoothly and free of any potentially questionable moments. Discretion, respect and consideration are very sexy traits.


I rarely drink in life and do not get intoxicated. I will never drink with a new client. I do not offer party bookings. I do not offer bookings to party boys. I do not party. If you are on party drugs or heavily intoxicated upon meeting, I reserve the right to decline going ahead with the booking and there will be no refund. I won’t even blink an eye doing it. These are a FIRM NO.


My rates are GST inclusive and non-negotiable.


Please do not contact me asking me what services I offer, or if I offer services that may be considered illegal in your state. Police task forces do this ridiculous shit in QLD therefore I dismiss this kind of contact. Think about it, use discretion, be sensible and don’t be a dick. I love cock but have no time for dickheads.

I do not offer bareback and dismiss this kind of request


Please do not make contact if you are unwilling to respect and somewhat acquiesce to my requests. It speaks volumes


I have worked in the industry on and off in one way or another for 14 years. I am a seasoned pro, not a newbie to the industry. Please do not attempt the newbie antics I already know every trick in the book. Treating me like the new kid on the block will get you nowhere.


I request reviews of our time together are only left on my website. Please email me directly.


Please do not post reviews anywhere else, especially on punter planet, without my prior consent


I have continued to see a handful of my regular clientele with long-term arrangements, even when not advertising for a new client base. These men are my kindreds and have been my clients for over a decade. They have been loyal and incredibly supportive in my healing journey and transformation. My long-term clients are my lovers and friends. I forge ongoing relationships that last a lifetime. I am currently willing to open my world to new connections.


It is at my discretion as to whether we will meet and if I will accept a deposit for a booking after you have been screened.


My deposit and screening process is non-negotiable for services offered


By appointment only


I primarily accept deposits and payments via direct deposit or Pay ID into my discrete company account. I do not offer Beem It or accept branch deposits to new clients. Got a partner watching your spending? Not my problem. You’re a big boy, open your own bank account. My businesses are legit and it makes it easier to know who you are if anything were to happen to me. You want to stay unknown that’s fine, find someone who accepts Beem It and branch deposits. Merchant Terminal available soon.


Funds require full clearance 48 hours before our time together regardless of whether you are a new or existing client (unless we have a long-term arrangement). Please do not request otherwise.


Short notice requests are not available and are dismissed.


I do prefer exclusive long-term arrangements and longer bookings with a select few. Quality over quantity has always been my motto and how I’ve always booked. If your initial contact is objectionable or unsavoury, we won’t be conversing let alone spending time together.


I give an overflowing abundance of potent sexual energy and unconditional love in our exchange. Because of this, I take the time to do energy work in between connections. I don’t churn you through, you’re not a number or dollar sign to me. I genuinely care and truly value the relationship we develop, as well as the time and energy we share. I AM incredibly present, intuitive and attentive during our time together. I channel my energy into you and your needs. My primary objective isn’t money and I am not a hustler. However, I know my worth; holding a lot of self-respect and boundaries around how I will and will not accept being treated.


I AM mindful and respectful of discretion for us both so please, afford me the same.


I do not offer BDSM and ignore these requests.


If you are paying your remaining balance via cash when we meet, please ensure you have the money in an envelope to hand me as we greet and afford me a moment in private to check its contents. Awkward moments at the very beginning of our connection are unnecessary when following simple etiquette and acts of thoughtful respect.


SEXUAL HEALTH CHECK – It is entirely up to you when it takes place, just let me know before we meet so I know how to navigate our meet and greet for your comfort and ease. However, I will not engage in kissing or any form of sexual contact until I have adhered to a sexual health check, you have had a shower and used the antibacterial mouthwash provided. This is not up for negotiation. I am exceedingly hygienic. If you are not I will not go ahead with the booking and no refund. Furthermore, every single client as well as my health and well-being is paramount. If you have a problem with this and struggle to appreciate and respect such then please do not contact let alone request time with me as I won’t be interested. Sexual Health Checks involve the front and back genital areas as well as your mouth.

Privacy and confidentiality of all involved are equally important. Personal details are not shared with anyone unless obliged to by law officials and/or legal departments within Australia requesting stored data for legal purposes. When providing details during the screening, deposit or FMTY processes, you are agreeing to the same privacy and confidentiality agreement. This includes both our privacy and confidentiality, not just yours.


By appointment only


Last-minute requests are not available. I do not live life in reaction mode and do not base my schedule around those who do


Deposits must be cleared into account and a photo ID must be provided with a selfie holding your ID as added security precautions for me


Please do not make contact if you are unwilling to respect and somewhat acquiesce to my requests. It speaks volumes


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