blonde beauty with red lipstick dressed in sheer black lingerie bending over with legs spread and mouth slightly open teasing and inviting

“When people ask what I do for a living…I create ripples in space-time continuum that alter current and future realities in the 3rd dimension, and help others do the same” Anon

Firstly, let it be said my pricing is by no means a reflection of my value or worth. How I have invested in myself on all levels far exceeds any price tag I could ever request. However, what my pricing does reflect if you do so choose to pay, is an amount you are prepared to invest in yourself.

I do have an ethical code I live by, so whilst I will never abuse or take advantage of my gifts to manipulate, it is easy to instinctively identify what you want and need to meet you there without compromising either one of us.

I have worked in the industry in one form or another for 14 years. Most of my 40+ reviews were on a now obsolete advertising website, not much I can do about that. Majority of the time over the past 5 years, I have purposely flown under the radar but I am always paying attention to the industry because I was born for this. However, I got to the point where it couldn’t be about being driven by my ego anymore, that was no longer enough for me nor was it serving my highest good.

Incredibly blessed, I AM fortunate to have some really supportive long terms clients who will vouch for my realness. Though to be honest if you ask me for confirmation I most likely wouldn’t want to see you anyway because I find no joy exchanging sexual energy with people living in doubt. Joy in Being plays a pivital role in the balancing of our Sacral Chakra; the seat of our sexual and creative power and our relationship to everything outside of oneself.

 Yes I have ‘rebranded’ and previously “Bella Noirette” specialised in Fetish and BDSM but that is the past. I have grown, evolved and expanded. Therefore the ‘rebranding’ of my business and the services offered reflects such.

I now offer a very sincere and Genuine Girlfriend Experience. Deeply intimate, instinctive, insightful and sensual focusing on connection, touch and loving kindness. My primal side is well harnessed and comes naturally so I am in full awareness of my sexual energy, there are no
acts here. I AM not just embodying this, I AM not just becoming this,
I have already Become this. I AM that I AM.

If you are looking for a more intense erotic, sexually charged exchange showcasing my extraordinary skill set, may I suggest my signature EroticStar Service. Both EroticStar and Fetish bookings are now selective and only potentially offered to regular lovers I have seen before.

I no longer offer any type of BDSM service, and do not respond to BDSM requests. I do not offer a fantasy porn style service. If you are looking for either, I am not the woman for you.

I do not list services and prefer to allow things to flow organically however there is a distinct difference between a Genuine Girlfriend, EroticStar and Fetishism booking. I’m more than happy to discuss once we have met and spent some time getting to know each other should you be interested in delving further with me. If we both feel comfortable, upgrading may be a possibility, especially for longer or extended bookings. I only discuss these in person.

My commitment to being a creator, a healer, my spiritual journey and study means I take extended periods in solitude; I only advertise for new clients sporadically.

Due to where the wind has blown me, I am currently available in Brisbane as an Escort for full services. I am blessed with a beautiful penthouse bathed in an intimate ambience of warmth and love. Gorgeous 12 foot ceilings provide a sense of spacious openness rarely experienced in a secure Brisbane apartment; based 8km from Brisbane City & Brisbane Airport & 4km from Fortitude Valley. Walking distance to train, buses and close proximity to link tunnels and bypasses. I am mindful, respectful, private and discrete therefore request you are too. Parking available for short term and long term rendezvous.

I am double vaccinated if that means something to you.

Exclusive ongoing arrangements at our discretion may be available. Please speak with me in person if you are interested

My preferences are longer bookings and pricing reflects such

I do offer VIP Gratitude Gestures so be sure to ask me about these when we meet

All pricing is in AUD currency only and GST inclusive

By appointment only

25% non-refundable deposit required – funds must clear prior to booking

25% non-refundable deposit is a reintroduction percentage and will increase to 50% for all full service bookings in the near future

Discrete Company Bank Account

Bank Transfers

Pay ID

ATM deposits *not available for new clients*

Merchant Terminal coming soon

Platonic/Social Date companionship only | social settings only | shopping dates inclusive 25% non-refundable deposit

All other costs incurred are at your expense

1 hr

2 hrs

3 hrs

4 hrs

5 hrs

6 hr fun day adventure

Genuine Girlfriend 25% non-refundable deposit – new clients minimum 1.5 hours

1 hr

1.5 hrs

2 hrs

3 hrs

4 hrs

EroticStar 50% non-refundable deposit – not available for new clients

1 hr

every hour thereafter

4 hr Dinner Date (2 hrs dining/2 hrs between the sheets) 25% non-refundable deposit


5-6hr Connoisseur Delights – My fav. Let’s have some fun, create together, cook and feed each other, in more ways than one. Easy going, sexy flowing, pleasure and delights 50% non refundable deposit – not available for new clients *reschedule terms apply*

**Price includes fine produce/beverages of our selection and shopping preparations. 50% Non-refundable payment must be made in full prior to booking, covering costs and preparation time associated with this very special, intimate and personal request**

**Price also includes; discussing/choosing our shopping list together and I’ll shop prep prior to your arrival – not available for new clients**


We’ll be together again – Extended Packages 50% non-refundable deposit must be cleared prior to booking going ahead

8hrs GGF $5,555 or EroticStar $8,888 rest required

12hrs GGF $7,777 or EroticStar $11,111 rest required

24hrs GGF $9,999 or EroticStar $12,222 sleep required

48hrs GGF $12,222 or EroticStar $16,666 sleep required

72hrs GGF $15,555 or EroticStar $22,222 sleep required

1Week GGF $33,333 or EroticStar $44,444 sleep required

Long-term arrangements are welcome to be discussed

FMTY available at the same pricing above plus all other costs incurred are at your expense

I DO NOT offer party bookings to party boys. I rarely drink and never get intoxicated

I request you refrain from booking me if chemical drugs and/or heavy alcohol intoxication would be present during our time together. I am within my rights to end bookings and retain the full service fee with 0% refund if you are. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Please note all deposits and payments are non-refundable. However, if 48 hours notice is provided you may reschedule once. In the unlikely event I must cancel, it is your choice if the deposit is refunded in full, or rescheduling occurs for another time.

Brisbane based Escort also available for exclusive booking requests on Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

*Travel Fee $222*

Online Intuitive Sexual and Spiritual Distant Guide and Healing Digital Service

Non-refundable payment made in full and received a minimum of 72 hours prior

“Our talents are unique to each of us, and it is our individual responsibility to use them for the highest good of all” Bella Noirette Lumière

I enjoy studying multiple interconnected disciplines further developing and harnessing my innate gifts as a healer; sexual healing is only one facet and this too comes in many forms. It is an invigorating time of my life. I feel humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to share all that I have learnt on my journey thus far with you, enhancing my unique style of intuitive holistic healing in service with collective consciousness.

I am also a student of life and immerse myself in many different dimensions of knowledge and wisdom. In my personal life, I prefer to spend a lot of time on my own in the 3D world due to so much ‘spirit’ activity. I am an avid reader, but also have vast personal life experience to access and share with love as my guide.

As a Light Worker and Shadow Healer, I assist people who are ready to resolve their trauma; learning how to embrace our dualistic nature, balancing the Sacred Masculine (Shiva) and Divine Feminine (Shakti) aspects within our being and working through karmic wounding stored in our Chakras. Assisting those going through awakening in learning how to set oneself free from the pain body, which is heavily linked to our egohead. My role is simply to be a guide for those ready to learn self-healing and set oneself free from the human condition, our accumulated self-inflicted suffering. I am not compelled to save you; this is your responsibility. My role isn’t saviour or leader. The only way I lead is through example. I am a guide, a vessel for Divine. This is my life calling and I do so in many different ways, sexually is only one aspect. Not to control, not for power; to listen and guide as your trusting and non-judgmental equal. Nothing more, nothing less. You hold the keys to unlocking your full potential.

For this reason, I no longer engage in BDSM at all and do not offer any kind of BDSM booking whatsoever.

I am certified, insured and specialise as a Reiki II practitioner, Crystal and Chakra healer, Intuitive Balinese Massage Therapist and study Counselling. I work very closely with both light and dark aspects, energy, crystals, chakras, intuitive healing and the karmic wounds we hold in our chakras. Be it past lives, inter-generational or present, there is a simultaneous interconnected link between all. I assist you with learning about our dualistic nature and learning how to embrace these aspects of self for healing and balancing.

Mentoring is really about me listening to and guiding you through your journey of self-discovery. Providing wisdom and tools for you to deprogram and reprogram your lower of state of being, and shifting to a higher state of consciousness that assists you in learning how to become your own healer and ultimately, your own master creator. Neurologically we have the capacity to rewire, relearn and change the outcomes we create for ourselves. It all starts with our mind, our thoughts.

Distance healing is just what it sounds like; it is a type of healing provided over distance. What this means is I do not have to be in person, or physically right next to someone in order to provide a healing session. I combine both mentoring and distance healing into these sessions but really what I am is a guide assisting you and this is what a healer is; someone who assists people who are ready in learning how to unlock their personal inner healing potential. Healers are not saviours and ‘healer’ professing that ‘they’ can heal ‘you’ is yet to heal a saviour complex ‘their’ egohead is attached to. Healing does not come from the outside in, healing comes from the inside out.

Transforming, transmuting and transcending the mind, body and spirit.

I offer online digital healing and mentoring sessions for those unable to meet me in person. I am able to provide mentoring, distant reiki healing sessions along
with the programming of crystals physically with me, assisting in amplifying the distance healing sessions.

Sound Body ~ Clear Mind ~ Open Heart

Please note online sexual/spiritual distant mentoring and healing sessions are not pornographic in nature. These sessions are not sexualised in any pornographic way. I do not sit around in my lingerie or naked, I do not perform sex acts, and either do you. Please let that be made abundantly clear. That’s a different kind of service altogether.

Digital mentoring/healing services can be held over zoom and telegram if you’re in need of a text-based session although for first sessions it is recommended for us to speak rather than text. Video chat is definitely my preferred way of having these sessions as we can cover more, so it is certainly far more valuable for you.


All pricing is AUD currency and GST inclusive per Australian Taxation Law purposes.

Private one-on-one healing and guidance for new and regular clients created with the purpose of;

Identifying and healing karmic wounds stored in your chakras 

Deprogramming mental and emotional constructs manifesting as physical ailments, impacting your overall holistic wellbeing

Elevating your consciousness and frequencies

HZ Sound frequency healing

Get to know your male (Shiva/Sacred Masculine) and female (Shakti/Divine Feminine) aspects of self 

Shiva/Sacred Masculine and Shakti/Divine Feminine wounding, healing and balancing (Dualism)

What are your limiting behavioural and emotional patterns? Where are they holding you back from reaching your highest potential?

Reconnecting with your intuition and Higher Self

Spiritual and/or Life and/or Business mentoring and coaching

Inner Child relationship development and healing

Healing Shadow Healing – identify your shadow and heal

Light Work – identify your light and heal (yes light requires healing too in order to learn balance and harmonise)

Learn how to use your light and dark simultaneously for the highest good of all

Accepting the light and dark of your existence (Dualism)

Integrating/morphing the light and dark of your existence (Non Dualism)

Distance Reiki

Crystal Healing

Tantra is not sex. So what is it?

And much more

Everyone’s healing journey is unique. there are many different routes to get to the same destination. There is no formula we adhere to here. Your soul guides us on your healing journey, that’s why it’s called intuitive healing

New Clients 90 min


Return Clients 90 min



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