nobody taught you about your own power

“Why not Pornstar or BDSM?” I am regularly asked. Well, it is very simple.

Fantasy porn does not arouse me, I do not watch it let alone pay for it. Why would I offer and charge for a service that does not arouse me and is not a genuine reflection of the stage I am at in my life? Fantasy porn has desensitised the masses and distorts the reality of sexuality, self-love, deep connection with self and in turn with others. It is an interesting social phenomena engineered and manipulated by the shadow side of Sacred Masculine. It is our Shadow.

There is no judgement here. Prior to socially being able to make money from this kind of content back in the colonial fossil days, I sure did experiment with my shadow side in this way and without a doubt had an absolute field day. My Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras were also overstimulated and deeply wounded. As I healed, I grew and expanded. Through this healing, I also learnt how to balance and open my Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. They are no longer blocked or overstimulated. So, I guess the easiest way to put it is I outgrew this stage of my life and no longer relate because it no longer serves me. That is not to say it does not serve other people’s personal journey and where they are at in their lives.

Although my skill set could be considered by many as porn and many still do so, my sexual appetite is not fake nor is it an act. I enjoy celebrating sexuality in a healthy, organic and healing sense so that we flourish. I am naturally erotic, sexual and sensual so I offer real erotic, sexual and sensual exchange. With love as my guide. I make love not porn. I make love not power plays.

I make no apologies for who I am or what I am not. I support people who are searching for balance, wanting to set themselves free through sexual liberation; working through sexual suppression or guilt and shame in a non-judgmental supportive space; or people that have found their balance and sexual certainty in self, enjoying freedom of self and sexual expression whilst connecting with others in a healthy, functional and respectful manner. I therefore offer an EroticStar service and Fetishism bookings to some I have previously spent time with, because I have already sounded them out and know where they are coming from. It is my choice at the end of the day. Just as many people’s choice is to engage in and/or watch porn. We are all at different stages of our journey. There are many routes to get to the same destination. There is no right or wrong, that concept is an illusion with the intention to separate.

I am exceptionally experienced in the world of fetishism. I was one of the first escorts in Australia to advertise and specialise specifically as a fetish escort so it was what I built my reputation and ‘branding’ on. My approach has always been more traditional than the porn space it has evolved to in the current social constructs. Therefore I have found there can be somewhat of a misalignment in perception with the general public and how I view fetishism. Hence why I do not offer these types of bookings to people I have never met.

I do not engage in fetishism (or sex period) from a deviancy or perverted standpoint either. I do not offer those kinds of bookings. I do not respond to those types of booking requests. Shiva burnt Kāmadeva to ashes and came to me in the spirit world, teaching me how to do the same; meaning we all have the potential to open our Third Eye (Chakra) and burn the karmic illusion of desire and lust within ourselves. This is part of healing and balancing our Third Eye Chakra and Sacral Chakra which are both specifically and directly linked. Perversion and deviancy are a result of Sacral Chakra imbalance. And yeah, again I will make it clear there is no judgement or condemnation here. I am speaking from a shit tonne of comprehension, knowledge and experience. I talk the talk and I walk the walk.

I will assist in healing and balancing of the Sacral Chakra, I will enjoy time with people who have a healthy and balanced Sacral Chakra and therefore celebrate their sexuality in a healthy and functional manner, but ethically I will not feed the Sacral Chakra in a compromising or detrimental way to either one of us. I will not feed any of the Chakras in this way.

I realise this may be confusing in this day and age, but for me fetishism, kink, porn and BDSM are not one in the same. My approach is very old school when it comes to fetishism, I have specialised in Fetishism and Kink for over two decades so know exactly what I am talking about and I know exactly what I am doing. For majority of my life, it was my way of life and the way my ego strongly identified ‘itself’, but not anymore. I do however still especially enjoy sharing this aspect of myself with older gentleman who talk the same language.

As for BDSM, I am not into power play anymore because I have found my own personal power (Solar Plexus Chakra). I learnt how to heal and harness my personal power without having to access other people’s power, nor hand my personal power away. It served its purpose for an aspect of my past self, it served a purpose for me learning about and coming to terms with my shadow side and dualistic nature, it served a significant purpose in my awakening journey, and for that I am eternally grateful. I just outgrew BDSM. It no longer serves me, it is no longer in my highest good. I do reserve the right to change my mind if I choose, although highly doubt it.

I will start an OnlyFans. I feel like it’s time to share myself more and that’s the best platform to do so, though not very keen on the third party mumbo jumbo.

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