i am a conscious multi dimensional being who came to earth to help people awaken consciousness

I receive information via downloads with Source. I communicate with the spirit world through a number of beings be it God/Goddess energy, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestors, past self, future self, higher self, multidimensional interconnecting (beings from other dimensions and/or planets). I see and communicate with spirit via telepathy, my naked eyes as well as my third eye. I was born with the 4 ‘Clairs’ of intuition; Clairaudience (hearing voices), Clairvoyance (seeing images), Clairsentience (recognising feelings) and Claircognizance (knowing). I have developed, strengthened and harnessed these special gifts over four decades of this lifetime and continue to do so. However, these gifts do span back to ancient lives lived on earth, on other planets and other dimensions.

These gifts are available to us although many of us have forgotten. I AM not here to integrate into this way of life, I AM here to assist in the forging and progression of a new earth which is really about the collective waking up to the illusions of this 3D plane, and remembering our true nature as eternal beings in oneness. There are many star seeds who have reincarnated to assist humanity with this collective awakening and shift in line with the Age of Aquarius. I happen to be one of them.

I wouldn’t say I AM a loner because I AM constantly with spirit/source/collective consciousness. I don’t relate to a lot of 3D earthly plane stuff. I AM disinterested in what the masses are consumed with therefore spend a lot of time alone physically. When I was younger I used to play roles and pretend I was so I could fit in and be accepted but that never worked anyway. So I stopped trying to be something I was not and learnt how to accept who I AM. I have also accessed neurological rewiring of my brain with my mentor to assist me with massive transformations from the inside out.

The businesses I have created are my way of connecting physically and sexually on this earthly plane yet integrating the spiritual, because it is impossible for me to hide I AM operating from an elevated frequency extending outside of this earthly plane, and I no longer hide away in shame who I AM from the world to see and hear.

I AM certified, insured and specialise as a Reiki II practitioner, Crystal and Chakra Healer, Intuitive Balinese Massage Therapist and study Counselling. I work very closely with both light and dark aspects (dualism/polarity), energy, crystals, chakras, intuitive healing and the karmic wounds we hold in our chakras. Be it past lives, inter-generational or present, there is a simultaneous interconnected link between all. I assist you with learning about your dualistic nature and learning how to embrace these aspects of self for healing and balancing.

Mentoring is really about me listening to and guiding you through your journey of self discovery. Providing wisdom and tools for you to deprogram and reprogram your lower of state of being, and shifting to a higher state of consciousness that assists you in learning how to become your own healer and ultimately, your own master creator. Neurologically we have the capacity to rewire, relearn and change the outcomes we create for ourselves. It all starts with our mind, our thoughts.

Distance healing is just what it sounds like; it is a type of healing provided over distance. What this means is I do not have to be in person, or physically right next to someone in order to provide a healing session. I combine both mentoring and distance healing into these sessions but really what I AM is a guide assisting you and this is what a healer is; someone who assists people who are ready in learning how to unlock their personal inner healing potential.

Healers are not saviours and ‘healer’ professing that ‘they’ can heal ‘you’ is yet to heal a saviour complex ‘their’ egohead is attached to. Healing does not come from the outside in, healing comes from the inside out.

Transforming, transmuting and transcending the mind, body and spirit.

I offer online digital healing and mentoring sessions for those unable to meet me in person. I am able to provide mentoring, distant reiki healing sessions along with the programming of crystals physically with me, assisting in amplifying the distance healing sessions.

Sound Body ~ Clear Mind ~ Open Heart

Please note online sexual/spiritual distant mentoring and healing sessions are not pornographic in nature.

These sessions are not sexualised in any pornographic way. I do not sit around in my lingerie or naked nor do you. I do not perform sex act nor do you.

Please let that be made abundantly clear. That is a different kind of service altogether.

Digital mentoring/healing services can be held over zoom and telegram if you’re in need of a text or voice based session although for first sessions it is recommended for us to speak rather than text. Video chat is definitely my preferred way of having these sessions as we can cover more, so it is certainly far more valuable for you.


All pricing is AUD currency and GST inclusive per Australian Taxation Law purposes.

Private one-on-one healing and guidance for new and regular clients created with the purpose of;

Identifying and healing karmic wounds stored in your Chakras

Deprogramming mental and emotional constructs manifesting as physical ailments, impacting your overall holistic wellbeing

Elevating your consciousness and frequencies

HZ Sound frequency healing

Get to know your male (Shiva/Sacred Masculine) and female (Shakti/Divine Feminine) aspects of self

Shiva/Sacred Masculine and Shakti/Divine Feminine wounding, healing and balancing (Dualism)

What are your limiting behavioural and emotional patterns? Where are they holding you back from reaching your highest potential?

Reconnecting with your intuition and Higher Self

Spiritual and/or Life and/or Business mentoring and coaching

Inner Child relationship development and healing

Healing Shadow Healing – identify your shadow and heal

 Light Work – identify your light and heal (yes light requires healing too in order to learn balance and harmonise)
Learn how to use your light and dark simultaneously for the highest good of all
Accepting the light and dark of your existence (Dualism)
Integrating/morphing the light and dark of your existence (Non Dualism)
Distance Reiki Energy Healing
Crystal Healing

Tantra is not SEX – so what is it?

The difference between Judgement and Discernment
And much more

Everyone’s journey is different. There are many different routes to get to the same destination.

There is no formula we adhere to here. Your soul guides us on your healing journey, that’s why it’s called ‘Intuitive Healing’ 

New Clients 90 min
Return Clients 90 min

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