beautiful blonde with armpit hair laying back on green lounge arching her back wearing purple lace lingerie and looking slighing off to the left
Bella, sweet ferocious Bella. Where do I start and where do I end. The past decade has been filled with so much, many has almost become a blur. The one thing that has never changed, is her striking beauty. As if from a different planet. How she walks, talks, moves and expresses like no other person I have ever met. She’s always captivated me with this unintentional charm even though she always knew she had it. I know that Bella spent most of her life aware of her power and was so afraid of it that she blew her own shit up on purpose. Just as an excuse for people not to get too close. But no matter how angry or lost she was, she had this magnetic pull I’ve witnessed so many people find impossible to deny. Simply put, this woman is incredible. She’s done her fair share of ripping me a new arsehole when I deserved it, but I always came back for more. The most fierce and outspoken person I’ve known, I just grew to accept that there would always be this wild creature impossible to ever be tamed. Then I watched as the darkness consumed her life and I was helpless to do a thing. I had no choice but to let her go. I never thought I would hear from her again and the loss of her in my life was difficult but deep down I knew it couldn’t come close to the grief and loss I witnessed her go through. Still it was hard. No other lover compared. No one could match her energy. Nobody sucked and caressed my cock the way she did. Nobody rode my cock so deep whilst exploding and convulsing with orgasmic pleasure. And nobody had her mind. In a way to have known her was the ultimate blessing and the greatest curse all at once and it fucking sucked. She did something to me and I didn’t know how to be after she was gone. Like a huge gaping hole was torn inside of me. I felt lost and it forced me to go in search of something more. I grew a lot from that loss and eventually I came to terms with what she had done to me. Forced me to take a long hard look at the man I was and I knew something had to change. A few years passed before Bella randomly popped back up into my life. She was still the striking beauty I had always known, but something was different. From all of the pain and suffering that had bonded us together and ultimately tore us a part, what I witnessed was something truly remarkable. She’d taken all that anger and pain transforming it into so much love and light she was almost too bright to look at. She sparkled and all I could think was fuck my dear, you are breathtaking. Of course both of us had changed so our relationship was never going to be what it was before but I just knew then it would be better. There’s no other way to put it. Bella is one of the most valuable people I have ever had in my life and I love her. I always have and I always will. The love has changed over the years but I think what we have is a soul connection. The truth is I don’t think you get to be so close to her for so long without one. She is a soul mate. Bella is stunning, hot as fuck, the sexual energy on her is electric. That bum, the lips, those eyes will have you hypnotised. But she is so much more than that. She’s the closest to goddess I have ever met. I actually think she is one and after all these years, I am still coming back for more. I guess you could say I am proud and honoured to be in her corner.
Gold Coast
It’s been over ten years since I first saw Bella. I still remember that night because it was incomparable to anything I had ever experienced, intense, unique, outrageous, boundless, and fucking mind-blowing. Her smarts, empathy, and feeling, soft, tender skin, deep longing hazel green eyes, playfulness, sense of fun, and adventure all had me mesmerized. We made everything, the sexual connection, the physicality, the pushing of boundaries, the pleasure, fun. It was a night I will never forget that saw me continue to see Bella regularly and develop a friendship that has seen me come back time and time again for over ten years for what I can only describe as a form of sexual healing. A space and a relationship that has allowed me to open up my sexuality explore my shadow side in a safe, caring environment that has allowed me to grow in the bounds of her pleasure; she is liberating and enthralling, the best there is.  
Mark L.
Bella, when more is never enough... Again had the pleasure of enjoying Bella’s smouldering sensuality and was reminded why she is one of the great delights of Brisbane. She is mesmerising to look at, possessing a fiery sexiness, with a divine tattooed body skilled in the art of seduction and tease. She has a beautiful touch and delicious voice, building the sexual energy in waves. She is also very responsive, expressing her pleasure at being aroused with more than moans. Kissing is deep, filled with longing and desire with hints of tongue, paired with hints of the pleasure that her tongue will soon seek and provide, hints of her fire within. Bella gives her all when deep-throating. First she worships and serenades the cock, teasing and caressing with her lips and tongue, from the cock tip to the base of the balls. Pausing occasionally to dribble more of her saliva onto the expectant cock. Next she devours cock, hungry to take more and more into her mouth, the cock head brushing the back of her throat before eventually breaking through, pre-cum and saliva dribbling from her mouth as her eyes shine from the delight of having a cock to enjoy. Her eyes also challenge to push harder, lodging the cock deeper into her throat. Bella’s other special delight is her butt. The first photo of Bella that captured and entranced me some 9 years ago was an image with her couched on a bed, her butt thrust forward and in the air, as she peaked backwards asking for more. This image fills my thoughts, as I enter Bella from behind, followed by thigh slapping on thigh, then hand slapping on butt, paired with hair pulling and animal grunts demanding more. Bella is one of the few that always has room for more and then some more again. In the calm between the enjoyment, Bella reveals the attraction of her mind, wrapping our bodies with beautiful thoughts and ideas. Her gaze is compelling and her imagination thrilling. Time with Bella also has that wonderful sensation of being suspended or disconnected from the moment. Strangely, as time with Bella draws to an end, the commencement of meeting her seems so far away and yet the time with her feels to have not been enough.
When I met Bella, we had an instant connection which words cannot describe. She made me feel a deep connection and satisfied all my needs, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I would say the only way to experience this lovely, sexy, beautiful, wild and down to earth human being is to be with her yourself and enjoy the journey you’ll be taken on. You’ll be left with a big smile on your face and satisfied but also tingling for more.
It is with Ms Black Light's permission that I write this review. I saw this beauty when she was Bella Noirette. She is somebody that you never forget. I guess you could say I always saw her as quite the enigma & regretted not seeing her again upon her brief return a few years ago. Imagine my intrigue and excitement when I saw she had returned to the industry, but this time with both the light and dark. I just had to know more. I thought Bella Noirette was exceptional. That was until I met Bella Noirette Lumiere. The courage and strength this woman has is not only sexy but admirable too. She hit a nerve, and now I’m not sure how to get her out of my system. I’m not even sure I want to try. I’ve been walking on cloud nine, she’s like a drug I haven’t yet come down off. I came from the Sunshine Coast especially to spend Sunday afternoon with Bella. Her apartment is stunning, up in the clouds she makes you feel close to a God. She spent that time in deeply honest and engaged connection. I really love this woman and how she makes me feel. Bella is as genuine and sincere as they come. Suffice to say that her mean, nasty and downright mind blowing skills in the bedroom are still on top of the list for me. You’re remarkably exceptional Bella, in every way. Please don’t ever change, and please don’t disappear again. See you soon beauty.
Tony H.
Sunshine Coast
I want to share that the Luminosity of Lumiere Noire has shined across the oceans to light my healing path. Her wisdom peace and understanding guides me to an understanding of the true meaning of life. She has been an instrument of light sent to me!! I look forward to continuing my healing as she guides me through peace and love.
BayouSelf (Online Healing/Mentoring)
New Orleans
Bella has been an incredible source of support, healing, guidance and growth for me. For the past 3 years, she has been a part of my self reflection and growth and had a direct impact on taking a good look at myself and reevaluating my path in life. Her care to her clients and herself is evident and it is a true joy to work and learn alongside her. She is inviting and warm. Working with Bella is your next step to knowing yourself and caring for yourself on a deeper level. She is half way around the world yet the mentoring she has offered has been an important part of my life. Also necessary to make note that her spiritual and heartfelt touch on life, influence and help go beyond the barriers of physical proximity.
M. (Online Healing/Mentoring)

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